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For our pub family, it's all about ethical and affordable Coffee from friends helping farmers around the globe. Here...every coffee...every product...has a story, just like the people we serve and our prices don't break the bank.

Our coffee's are all roasted locally by people who love the process that brings out the aroma and flavor in every single bean. Their efforts also benefit small farms and farmers from every major coffee region. Every single one, every single coffee we serve and sell, we taste and approve ourselves and has a story and name to match. 

So come have an amazing cup of coffee, meet friends, or make new ones...because here...everyone is always welcome. 

A Proper English Coffee Pub where Everyone is Welcome


Not just Amazing Coffee, but a proper cup of tea. Also local artisan beer, wine, kombucha & ciders. 

While our coffee and coffee drinks are affordable and amazing, at our pub you can also find a proper cup of tea..which in America is sometimes hard to find. 


We also source local cider, beers, seltzers and wines by the glass, to again support small and local businesses that serve our community. For the kids there's local sodas, seltzers and even local kambucha.

Our food is created by locals and is focused on easy, grab and go items that are full of flavor. Where else can you find an english pie, or sausage roll? We also serve panini's, pastries, local chips and popcorn and some of the best donuts you'll ever try.

Beer Tap


Truly Great Coffee, Drinks, Food & People

From the time we open in the morning, until we close late at night, this is the place where locals and visitors alike can hang and enjoy drinks, food and conversation.

We unabashedly support our local soccer team Napa Valley 1839, Sacramento Republic FC and all the Northern California teams. You might even catch a Chelsea FC game on TV, or the latest premiership match. 

You see not only is this the place to hang, but it's the place that has shuffleboard and darts, quiz night and board games. We welcome and celebrate people from all walks of life. 

Here everyone will know your name.

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